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Gamma brain waves induction with meditation MP3 audios

Exercise your brain with gamma meditation mp3 audios

Session for Gamma brainwave induction using meditation mp3 audios

Theory for Gamma

The session for gamma brainwaves stimulation (40hz - 500hz) consist of a MP3 audio ready to be listened with any MP3 player, smartphone, pc, or tablet. This session was build with meditation technology. You should know that meditation is a technology that helps to heal your mind and body just by listening to sounds. The goal of this session is to take your mind to the beta state.

To feel the effects of this gamma program, the user should listen the audio at least 30 minutes per day until the symptoms decrease or disappear. Thus, by listening one gamma program repeatedly, your brain will produce the desired brainwaves naturally in the long-term so no audios would be necessary. Please, read the warning section below before listening these therapies.

Gamma mental state usually represents high brain processing. In fact, Studies demonstrated the effectiveness of Gamma waves in cognitive functioning increase such as perception, short-term memory, and language development. Gamma waves stimulation may help also with depression and can be very energizing.

You use this gamma session awake, working, doing any activity, excepting driving or handling machinery .

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* 7 minutes is the minimal time to be entrained

* 30 minutes is the optimal time to get the benefits